Parklawn's Outstanding Employees

By John Henry
School Recognitions
January 17, 2024

Congratulations to the Parklawn Family Members who were nominated and chosen to represent Parklawn for the FCPS Outstanding Employee Awards:

  • Outstanding New Teacher: Kate Gibson (Music Teacher)
  • Outstanding Teacher: Emma Whitaker (2nd grade)
  • Outstanding Professional Employee: Kelsey Weingarten (Reading Resource Teacher)
  • Region 2 Outstanding Principal: Rebecca Forgy
  • Also Nominated: Ly Dow (3rd grade), Janine Lorenzo (2nd grade), Tahmena Rauf (kindergarten), Angela Schroeder (1st grade), Lysa Hughes (3rd grade), Fatima McFarland-Pittman (ESOL teacher), Afifa Bolte (Family Liaison)
Parklawn Award Winners